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Photography: Rick Szymanski Makeup Artist: Anna Chambrone Hair: Nicole Resnik Hredocik Model: Anesthetic aka Krista Montgomeryhttps://www.facebook.com/AnestheticArtwork 
Submitted by anestheticx
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Akuma & Pesky

im sorry about what i said earlier about this blog making me want to kill myself., its not like that , i just reallly,, cant anymore., this blog is beautiful, every girl here is beautiful.. and so are you for runnin this blog., thanks and sorry again


don’t worry beautiful, if you wanna talk with someone you can write me here with your blog so I can answer you privately. 

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Submitted by aphroditehigh

Omg I have the same allergic hand thing too. It's also on my face!! I'm not alone, you just made my day <3 x


it’s annoying and it hurts too much! I also have it on my arms, legs and neck but no, we are not alone! haha <3

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Okay, can we talk about that post you made in response to an ask PLUS the pictures on there?:) You win a fucking award


I really hope that she read me and understand my point!

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all this blog does to me now., is convincing me more and more that i should just kill myself,.i cant be.,i cut from my skin every chance of it,.i love her., always have., always will.,i cant explain how this feeling gets so strong., and i see all these sexy girls trying to distract myself from her but i cant.,she lives in me in every second of the day., it ok ,its my fault not yours., i shall go cut myself now., bye


I know you won’t stop cutting yourself, but I just wanna show you something.

In this blog, there are different girls.

There are girls with big and small boobs:




There are girls with curves and without them:





There are different skin colors:







And I’ve seen and posted a lot of models with scars and strech marks! (I didnt remember who are them, I don’t have that memory)

And also, I have strech marks

Subir imagenes 

and a horrible skin, I’m very allergic! Look at my hand:

Subir imagenes 

We are all different and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I hope you understand you aren’t less beautiful than anyone and you don’t have to kill yourself for that.

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